Metexim Ltd was founded in 2000. Company's main activity is targeted at   exporting metal scraps and has its metal collection places throughout Armenia. It is considered to be one of the premium companies in the market, and has its leading position in the list of major tax –payers of Armenia.




Metexim Ltd has its own foundry of non-ferrous metal. The first foundry was founded in 2007. It produces aluminum high quality ingots; factory's production meets all the requirements of international standards. The company has its own customs warehouse. It provides huge techniques for construction works. Company also provides base production material for the companies involved in cable production. Metexim Ltd. Stands as sole operator of railways exploitation in Armenia.   It is involved in organizing activities of railway transport, and also it carries out cargo transportation. The company cooperates with more than 20 companies from more than 13 countries. Metexim is in Business Group with companies such as “Mikmetal”, “Mikshin”, “Griar”, “Ketrin Group” and etc.

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